Monday, 18 January 2010

Booth fever

The London Art Fair has been and gone - but what a great week it was despite the rather snowy mid-week conditions! Most importantly in my mind is the fact that it was a roaring success for Pryle and the Art Projects. The smallest section of the fair triumphed over the main space of the event in every critical review; Spoonfed hailed it as 'the undoubted highlight of the fair; for 2010 this part of the fair is more extensive and more exciting than ever before. With a blend of Zoo Art Fair edginess and Affordable Art Fair charm, the Art Projects section really is a delight.'

We were lucky enough to be a part of this and our installation was praised by all the interested and enthusiastic people who stepped inside and enjoyed the immersive experience and even those who suffered threshold anxiety and merely peeped in. It was such fun to see youngsters and adults alike enjoying the interactivity our booth offered and even better to see the surprised expressions on people's faces when they clocked their own image on the screen in front!

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped out - either building, curating or manning the booths. It was a brilliant experience for us, made all the better by the odd celeb spot and the wealth of exciting work and people in the Art Projects. Here's to the next event....... x

Friday, 8 January 2010

These are very exciting times. Set up for the London Art Fair starts on Monday morning. There is lots more information on our website in the news section. Basically you should come along and see us in the project space, booth P17.

As the press release says .... 'Open will create a unique and immersive video experience which hopes to reveal a new way of viewing moving image. A series of nine videos entitled Portraits from the back by French artist Gabrielle Le Bayon will be projected on the back wall of the booth. The series places nine different figures in nine vastly differing landscapes. Each portrait captures the almost still figure gazing outwards at some part of the vista that lies before them. The careful dressing and placing of each character creates a serene balance between the aesthetic of the figures and the landscapes.

Open will also show work by philosopher and founding artist of the Artscape Project Hilary Lawson. Now Revisited Revisited seeks to explore the present and of what it is to be human. The philosophy behind this work is manifested in the overall booth concept, which will play with notions of spectatorship and self-awareness. Artists Lawson and Le Bayon have collaborated to produce a space which will reveal this new way of seeing.'

Follow us during the fair on twitter or even better follow us at the fair itself!!! x

Monday, 4 January 2010

Open head to the London Art Fair

Well I do believe it is now 2010 - so happy new year to you all. Just a quick little reminder that the London Art Fair is taking place in just over one week from now (12 -17th Jan). We are in the project space this year and have something very exciting planned - so it is definitely worth coming on over to have a look. If you would like more info then take a look at our website - I will be updating the news page very soon with more about the LAF.
Should be a thrilling read! Other than that I do hope that you had a very merry Christmas and that dear old Father Christmas was ever so generous with gifts. Hope to see you all next week x