Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Crowds in Tents: The Art Fairs

As the dust settles on Frieze in Regents Park and many other locations around London after the month of art fairs that is October, we have retreated weary, confused and happy back to the relative peace of the office to resume real work and have a think about what we saw. In short – a lot. But what really stood out for us was the arrival of the video painting. Increasing numbers of video artists from around the globe are beginning to work with and explore the medium pioneered by the Artscape Project in 2001: the video painting. [Video painting – shot with stationary camera, unedited, no evidence of traditional narrative structure]. Particular highlights were Eve Sussman's painstakingly choreographed Girls at the Pool, and Gerald Förster's beautifully subtle and simplistic work, Geisha. So, as the medium begins to revolutionise the possibilities of moving imagery, you can expect to see a lot more video painting. Just remember you saw and heard it here first.

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